French bank LCL

LCL: from an elitist bank to a bank for everyone

It was in August 2005 that LCL's communication underwent its biggest change. With the departure of Crédit Lyonnais, the bank became more mainstream and refocused on retail banking. This new strategy gave LCL a boost: the bank now targets a younger and less elitist clientele.

Brief description of LCL's banking offer

Essentiel package including an account, a bank card with balance control, an advisor and a smartphone app. For only €2 per month.

Customized "à la carte" package with different types of cards, a range of banking products and services, a consultant and, of course, the LCL smartphone app.

Access to the CityStore loyalty program. LCL's loyalty program provides discounts when you use your card at partner stores!

LCL Essentiel and LCL à la Carte

LCL is one of the leading banks in France. With more than 6 million individual customers and over 1,700 agents nationwide, it attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Moreover, everyone is free to choose the products that best suit them. LCL offers a choice of pre-designed packages or optional services.

LCL Essentiel is a banking package that can be purchased for only 2 euros per month. The key word is simplicity. For €2 per month, the customer receives a deposit account for one person, a MasterCard with systematic balance authorization and access to the LCL app.

With LCL Essentiel everyone can use the most basic services of the bank at an unprecedented price. There is no fee for opening a deposit account. The LCL app allows for day-to-day account management and basic transactions such as setting up direct debit accounts or making transfers.

The LCL Essentiel package also gives customers access to CityStore, a network of partner stores offering a wide range of discounts.

There are several options for subscribing to the LCL Essentiel package. Customers can subscribe directly online via the LCL website and mobile app or at a traditional bank branch. The bank card is delivered directly by mail to the home address. Contributions are deducted monthly, starting the following month.

LCL à la Carte works in a completely different way. It is a free offer that allows customers to choose banking products and services according to their needs. However, while it is a completely customized package, it gives customers access to a wide range of discounts.

Under LCL à la Carte, customers can choose the bank card of their choice. They can then add products and services according to their needs. Moreover, the more options they add, the greater the discount on the total payment amount.

Under the LCL à la Carte program, customers get a 2% discount if they add a chargeable product or service to their card. They then receive another 1% for each additional product or paid service, up to a maximum of 5%.

LCL à la Carte is available to all adult customers. The card can be applied for online, via cell phone or at one of the many LCL branches. The selection of products and services is constantly changing. Discounts are automatically adjusted from month to month depending on the options selected.


"My life. My city. My bank", LCL places the bank at the center of French life and at the heart of cities. This slogan represents LCL as an urban bank. It also reflects the spirit of the CityStore loyalty program.

With the new slogan, LCL puts the customer first, showing that they are at the center of the bank's focus to satisfy the customer and provide them with better service than the competition.


The logo reflects this aspiration: more modern typography and a multi-dot that resembles a smile - the smile of a satisfied customer.

Television media

LCL relies on original advertising campaigns in which celebrities appear before their banker and ask him for more money. At the end of each scene, the banker offers original solutions and the customer leaves satisfied.

Human resources: part of the Crédit Agricole group

The group regularly recruits employees to develop its business in the parent company, regional branches and subsidiaries. Internship, training and employment offers are available on the Crédit Agricole HR website.


The bank has become more accessible and customer-centric, which has enabled it to attract new clientele. LCL has also become more innovative, offering new products and services that meet the needs of modern life.

In the future, LCL is likely to continue to evolve in this direction. The Bank will strive to offer even more affordable and innovative products and services to remain attractive to customers of all ages and backgrounds.



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