La Banque Postale - a postal bank

La Banque Postale: a bank for everyone

La Banque Postal, based on the former public service La Poste, aims to provide local services while developing commercial activities.

La Banque Postal aims to increase customer loyalty through quality of service and customer satisfaction. To this end, the bank has developed a multi-channel service that allows access to a broad customer base, including young people, the affluent, organizations and businesses.

La Banque Postale accounts and related services

La Banque Postale is a state-owned bank created in 2006 and 100% owned by the La Poste Group. Backed by an extensive network of post offices, La Banque Postale has the advantage of being widely distributed throughout France. Initially, the bank was designed exclusively for private customers. However, it is now open to businesses and local authorities. Individuals looking for a new bank can take advantage of the following benefits.

Banque Postale bank account to manage day-to-day operations

Banque Postale bank accounts can be opened by individuals aged 18 or younger (accompanied by a legal representative). The account can be joint, individual or shared. Each account holder may also have one or more accounts.

A La Banque Postale bank account allows you to carry out transactions necessary for everyday life. You can choose which receipts and direct debits will be reflected in your account. You can also choose your payment method: bank card or checkbook. Overdrafts are available. Receive account statements online or by mail. Pay bills and make payments. La Banque Postale Postal Bank offers a wide range of products and services to meet all your needs.

La Banque Postale Account Package

The Postal Bank Account Package offers a range of products and services at competitive interest rates. The package includes most of the banking products offered by the Postal Bank. You can design it as your own package by adding additional options.

The Formule de Compte (account package) is available from the age of 16 and can be arranged through the Postal Bank website or directly at a Post Office.

Banque Postale offers several payment cards for any expense, from the simple Visa Classic card to the more expensive Visa Platinum and Infinite cards, as well as the famous Visa Premier Card.

Monthly account statements are sent online or by mail. Free SMS alerts are also available.

Ariatis and Ariatis Plus insurance protects your payment funds from loss or theft, giving you peace of mind.

Finally, by contacting a La Banque Postale advisor, you can take advantage of a preferential interest rate of 15% on overdrafts.

French bank, La Banque Postale's 100% mobile package

La Banque Postale recently launched the Ma Banque de France 100% mobile package, designed to appeal to a new generation of hyper-connected young customers. This state-of-the-art service is a real-time information system that allows customers to manage all their accounts from a single smartphone. It also offers a range of digital payment tools such as the Appel Pay system: with Ma French Bank from La Banque Postale, expenses are automatically categorized, money is transferred via SMS, and cards can be blocked and unblocked indefinitely. Other more innovative features include the Ma Tirail (piggy bank), Let's Cagnotte (bonuses) and Wee Partage (sharing) services.

In contrast, the accounts included in the Ma France Bank package do not include an overdraft facility. For your peace of mind, the package also includes all types of insurance such as cell phone, shopping or e-reputation insurance in case of identity theft.

How do I open an account with La Banque Postale?

Whether you choose the Ma Banque de France package or the more traditional La Banque Postale package, it is possible to open an account entirely online. With Ma Banque de France, you can open an account from your cell phone in record time. If you choose to open an account, you can either upload documents online or visit a post office to open an account with an advisor.

Of course, in addition to the above services, La Banque Postale offers a range of insurance policies to protect your account and your entire family, both during different periods of your life and in the event of death. La Banque Postal also offers a range of savings solutions and can help you with all your projects with online tutorials and expert support from bank counselors. Insurance, mortgages, consumer credit and savings.

La Banque Postal is constantly expanding its product catalog and adding new features to attract even younger customers.


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