Crédit du Nord: French Bank Review

Crédit du Nord: A reliable bank

Crédit du Nord is a group of regional banks whose primary objective is to meet the needs of its clients by providing expertise. As a result, the group's clients are regularly among the most satisfied in the market.

The Crédit du Nord group is not listed on the stock exchange and has only one shareholder, Société Générale. Since December 1999, 20% of the shares have been held by the Dexia group. In October 2009, an agreement was signed to repurchase the shares held by Dexia.

Crédit du Nord's activities are divided into regions, which, like its banking subsidiaries, are organized along the lines of true SMEs. They are oriented towards customer service and proximity to customers. Moreover, they encourage the direct involvement and commitment of their managers in commercial activities and development. Hence, the motto: "A different vision of banking".

Since 2002, Crédit du Nord has chosen a course of accelerated growth. The bank is rapidly expanding and in 2010 opened 150 new branches. The banks of the Crédit du Nord group now offer their customers 938 branches across mainland France.  To support this expansion and ensure staff renewal, the Group employs 8,715 people. The Group's objective is to continue to grow while maintaining its dynamism and commitment to the banking relationship model.

Crédit du Nord's strategy is based on three key points:

  •  To remain a benchmark bank in terms of the quality of its customer relationships;
  •  To develop a high level of individual and collective professionalism;
  •  To provide clients with the most modern services and technologies.

From an internal point of view, the group has highly efficient tools and an active recruitment policy (multi-layered courses, integration, training, etc.).

Merger to maximize customer satisfaction

At the beginning of December 2020, Société Générale issued a press release announcing its merger with Crédit du Nord. They share common values and intend to create a new group to maximize customer satisfaction. Their goal is to create "a more efficient bank, perfectly adapted to the changes taking place in the industry". Both banks intend to segment their client base and offer more sophisticated advisory services for businesses, the public, professionals and affluent clients. In addition, through the merger, Société Générale and Crédit du Nord intend to build on their strong local roots, reinforcing geographical proximity. The new model will be an ideal combination of human expertise and digital capabilities. The merger will enable the group to adopt a more aggressive commercial stance and at the same time improve its financial attractiveness, notably through significant cost synergies.


For over 160 years, the Group has developed its expertise as a bank based on proximity, professionalism and innovation.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of the strategy. Each advisor strives to build strong, personalized relationships with their clients, based on attention and advice, to make each of them a partner in a trusting, long-term relationship.

This vision of banking, centered on the quality of the relationship, implies a firm and concrete commitment. Each client has a dedicated counselor who can be contacted via a direct telephone line or e-mail. If desired, the customer can use remote banking services (by phone or via the Internet). In the branch, customers have access not only to ATMs, but also to daily cash services.

Areas of activity

Flexible organization and rapid response distinguish Crédit du Nord from other banks. All the various divisions of the Crédit du Nord Group are organized as true small and medium-sized enterprises. They have a high degree of autonomy in the management of their activities. This autonomy is reflected in their ability to make quick decisions and respond promptly to customer requests.

Specifically for all employees, this organization means a reduction in hierarchical levels to maximize response time to customer requests, as well as greater autonomy and responsibility for decisions.

In the individual client market, Crédit du Nord offers its 1,920,000 clients the services of a dedicated advisor who is available by telephone and e-mail.

46,100 companies and institutions rely on this bank, which is able to support its clients at an international level while taking into account the specificities of each region.

Crédit du Nord takes care to fully adapt to the needs of its clients. The support and availability of its staff and the flexibility of its structure distinguish it from other banks.


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