Top 3 largest banks in France

Top 3 banks in France by dividends and profits

Investing in a bank is still a rarity for the general public. The reason is simple: people lack information and have difficulty navigating the parameters. Without going into detail about their assets and liabilities, let's take a look at the three largest French banks today.

Becoming a shareholder in a bank is not very common among individuals. If you want to succeed, you need to know the ins and outs of this business. At a minimum, you need to understand how it works and/or know which banks look interesting.

At a minimum, you need to know which banks are worth investing in. For those who might be interested, here is a summary of the three largest French banks. Stock market quotes, net banking income, net income or profit margin is what you need to know about the performance of the three largest French banks.

BNP Paribas

This banking group operates not only in Europe but also internationally. Therefore, it is no coincidence that it is the No. 1 banking group in France. On the stock market, the BNP Paribas group is worth about 79.5 billion euros. Its net banking income is close to 170 billion euros.

The group made a net profit of €23.87bn in the past 3 years. During this period, BNP Paribas' profitability on net banking income amounted to 14.15%. However, the parameter of greatest interest to shareholders is the average annual return to the shareholder. For BNP Paribas, it was 3.13% at the April 24 share price.

Crédit Agricole

When comparing bank rates, Crédit Agricole very often comes out on top. Moreover, it ranks second in the ranking of the largest banks in France.

Crédit Agricole's total net banking income was €124.61bn, representing a net profit of €23.89bn over the past 3 years. Over this period, the bank's return on net banking income was 19.17%. In terms of dividends and average annual yield, it outperforms BNP Paribas with 3.45%.

Société Générale

Privatized in 1987, Société Générale is currently valued at €36.91 billion on the stock market. It is the third largest bank in France. Its success is closely related to its age.

It is worth noting that Société Générale's average annual return to shareholders was 3.49% at the stock market price on April 24, ahead of the two banks mentioned above.

Over the last 3 years, Sociéte Generale's net banking profit margin was 15.38%, with net banking income of just under €100 million. Over the same period, its net income reached €15.14bn.


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