Overview of services of the French bank AXA: accounts, loans, applications

AXA Banque: French bank

AXA Banque is a subsidiary of AXA France, offering banking products and services focused on convenience and ease of use. The bank aims to be simple and practical, combining the strength of its branch network with the convenience of online banking.

Axa Banque Bank Account

AXA Banque offers two main current accounts: the à la carte account and the Ogoon package.

The à la carte account is a basic account with free service provided you accumulate €900 in payments each quarter and have a minimum income of €750 net per month.

The Ogoon package is a more comprehensive package that includes three Axa Banque bank cards as well as two main types of insurance: insurance against loss and theft of payment instruments and insurance to protect your online purchases. The package costs €6,50 per month.

Axa Banque mobile app

The Axa Banque mobile app is available for both Apple and Android. From its interface, customers can manage their accounts in real time and enjoy various notifications. They can view their expenses, with each expense accompanied by the merchant's logo for clarity. Recipients can be added instantly to make transfers. In addition, a bank card can be blocked or unblocked instantly using the app.

Axa Banque Assurbanque terminal

To save you time when visiting an Axa branch, the network uses terminals to perform all the simplest operations. With their help, you can:

  •  Open an Axa Bank account and directly scan all supporting documents;
  •  Check your account details and balances;
  •  Deposit checks;
  •  Make a bank transfer or add a payee;
  •  Activate or deactivate your bank card in real time;
  •  Set bank card limits;
  •  Simulate a mortgage or consumer loan.

Axa Banque Savings Account

The Axa Livret savings account offers a rate of 2% for two months for the first 30 000 euros. After that, the rate is 0,05% gross. It is open to all individuals, both minors and adults, and requires a minimum deposit of €15.

Loans offered by Axa Banque

Axa Banque offers a wide range of financial solutions to meet all your needs and help you realize all your plans. The company offers car loans, construction loans, revolving loans and consumer loans for amounts ranging from €3 000 to €120 000.

Axa Banque Group

Axa was founded in 1985. Today, it is a globally recognized brand, present in 64 countries and with almost 107 million customers. Its goal? To make your life better by protecting you as much as possible from the dangers and uncertainties that are present in it.


AXA Banque is a reliable and convenient bank that offers a wide range of banking products and services. The bank strives to be simple and straightforward for its customers, offering convenient online services and personal service in branches.


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