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Aerplanonline is a website that makes it easy to buy airline tickets by providing users with a platform to search for flights, compare prices and book tickets. The purpose of this review is to objectively analyse the site's offer, user interface, UX and recommendations to improve the overall user experience.

Detailed analysis of the offer and the website

Aerplanonline proposition is to offer users a user-friendly platform to search for flights, compare prices and purchase airline tickets. The site is likely to include features such as a flight search bar, filters, flight options, detailed pricing information and a booking system. Evaluating the effectiveness of these features in helping users find and book flights is very important.

Benefits of user interface and UX of the website

  • Robust flight search: The site offers a robust flight search engine that allows users to filter and sort flights based on various criteria such as price, airline and departure time.
  • Transparent Pricing: The site provides transparent pricing information that allows users to compare prices and make informed decisions.
  • Booking Process: The site can offer a simplified and efficient booking process, making it easy for users to purchase tickets.

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UI and UX shortcomings of the site

  • Website design: The site looks cluttered, with pictures popping one on top of the other.
  • Uncomfortable UI: The site is awkward to use, buttons are awkwardly placed.  
  • Limited selection of flights: The site has a limited selection of flights and airlines, potentially limiting the choice for users.
  • Complex filter system: The site's filter system can be complex or overwhelming for some users, making it difficult to refine search results.
  • Inconsistent user experience: Some users may experience unstable site performance, such as slow loading times or technical glitches.
  • Customer Support: The site has poor customer support, which may lead to difficulty in resolving issues or getting help.

Recommendations for improving the site's user interface

To improve user satisfaction, the site needs to expand the list of available flights and airlines to offer more options, simplify the filter system for a more intuitive and convenient search experience, provide a consistent user experience by fixing technical issues and optimising load times across all devices and browsers, and improve customer support by introducing robust methods such as live chat and a dedicated hotline for timely assistance.


Aerplanonline serves as an airline ticketing platform, providing users with a convenient way to search for flights and book tickets. While the site offers reliable flight search, transparent pricing, and a streamlined booking process, it has areas for improvement, such as the interface, expanding flight options, simplifying the filter system, providing a consistent user experience, and improving customer support. By addressing these issues, the site will be able to improve the overall user experience by providing users with a seamless and enjoyable process of searching and purchasing airline tickets. The balance between pros and cons is very important for those who use to optimise their travel planning and make informed decisions. Please note that the above content is a template and should be adjusted to reflect the actual content and features of after careful consideration.


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