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HSBC sells French retailer Cerberus

Banking: Cerberus buys French retailer HSBC

British banking giant HSBC has sold its retail network in France to My Money Group, a company controlled by US investment fund Cerberus....

Eurozone lending slows down

ECB continues to tighten monetary policy

The European Central Bank (ECB) continues to tighten monetary policy despite falling inflation....

Real World Asset Tokenization

How are real world assets (RWAs) revolutionizing finance through tokenization?

Learn from this article how tokenization of real world assets (RWAs) can change the interaction between traditional sectors and decentralized finance ...

What is the ecological footprint of euro banknotes?

Eurosystem reduces the ecological footprint of cash

A European Central Bank study has found that the ecological footprint of euro banknotes is only "0.01%" of the European bank's annual activity....

Prospects for two US Federal Reserve rate cuts in 2024

Goldman Sachs predicts two Fed rate cuts in 2024

The US Federal Reserve may start cutting interest rates in the third quarter of 2024, Goldman Sachs predicts. This decision will be made against the b...

New Year in European banks

How do European banks celebrate the New Year?

Celebrating the New Year in European banks is a multifaceted process that combines tradition, philanthropy and innovation....

SumUp raises €285 million to accelerate its expansion

SumUp raises €285 million to accelerate its expansion

SumUp, a UK-based fintech company specializing in payment services, announced that it has raised another €285 million to accelerate its global expansi...

European banking market: challenges and opportunities

European banking market: structure, trends, prospects

The European banking market is one of the largest and most developed in the world. The article considers the structure, trends and prospects of this m...

Microfinance Institutions in Europe: Market Analysis, Regulation and Prospects

Microfinance Institutions in Europe: Features, Regulation, and Trends

Dive into the world of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Europe, exploring their role in the economy, market characteristics, regulation, and trends...