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Banks for Sale in the EU

Acquiring a Bank in Europe: A Complete Guide for Investors

Dreaming of your own profitable business in a stable region? Consider buying a bank in Europe....

ECTS: A credit system for European education

What is the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)?

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a tool that helps students, universities and governments in Europe to understand and co...

History of the European Central Bank

European Central Bank: Guarantor of eurozone stability

The European Central Bank (ECB) plays a key role in ensuring economic stability and prosperity in the Eurozone. Since its creation in 1998, it has mad...

ZWE Analysis: Is this ETF worth investing in?

BMO Europe High Div CC CAD Hedge ETF: moderate growth in the long term

BMO Europe High Div CC CAD Hedge ETF (ZWE) is an ETF focused on dividends from European companies....

The future of cross-border payments in the EU

Navigating the European cross-border banking landscape: Trends and developments

Transforming European cross-border banking: how digital technologies, regulatory reforms and global cooperation are reshaping the future of payments i...

Activists call on SNB to

Alliance of non-governmental organizations calls on Swiss central bank to "go green"

The Swiss Climate Alliance has announced that shareholders have submitted three proposals to the general meeting of Switzerland's central bank to urge...

French debts: moderate growth but under watchful eye

Over-indebtedness: claims rose 8%, according to the Banque de France

Consumer credit debts account for 40% of total debt, and this share has risen by two points since 2022, according to the Banque de France....

Sygnum: Swiss cryptobank is valued at 900 million dollars

Switzerland: Cryptobank Sygnum has raised $40 million in funding

Just recently, a promising Swiss bank closed a funding round. A total of 40 million dollars was raised and the bank is valued at 900 million dollars....

Rigel Capital Partners Limited has all the necessary licenses

My experience with Rigel Capital Partners Limited broker

For me, became such a broker, recommended on a forum. I had concerns due to past experiences. First, I checked the broker'...