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Dublin plans to sell 13.9% stake in Bank of Ireland

Ireland is breaking up the banks: Why the government is selling shares

Ten years after the financial crisis, there is no longer any reason for the Irish government to continue holding a majority stake in the country's ban...

Card Diamond from Credit Europe Bank

Elevating the banking experience: Unravelling the CEB Diamond credit cards

Travel in comfort, enjoy exclusive access to airport lounges, manage your finances wisely and enjoy generous credit limits, interest-free periods and ...

Revolut competitors in Europe

Revolut alternatives: Similar apps

Is Revolut a universal financial management app or are there alternatives? In this article we will take a look at Revolut, its pros and cons, and comp...

Europe's Neobanks: Changing the future of financial services

Fintech revolution: How Europe's neobanks are challenging traditional banks

The emergence of neobanks is a revolutionary step that is changing the way we think about banking. In this article we look at what neobanks are and ho...

Banks for Sale in the EU

Acquiring a Bank in Europe: A Complete Guide for Investors

Dreaming of your own profitable business in a stable region? Consider buying a bank in Europe....

ECTS: A credit system for European education

What is the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)?

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a tool that helps students, universities and governments in Europe to understand and co...

History of the European Central Bank

European Central Bank: Guarantor of eurozone stability

The European Central Bank (ECB) plays a key role in ensuring economic stability and prosperity in the Eurozone. Since its creation in 1998, it has mad...

ZWE Analysis: Is this ETF worth investing in?

BMO Europe High Div CC CAD Hedge ETF: moderate growth in the long term

BMO Europe High Div CC CAD Hedge ETF (ZWE) is an ETF focused on dividends from European companies....

The future of cross-border payments in the EU

Navigating the European cross-border banking landscape: Trends and developments

Transforming European cross-border banking: how digital technologies, regulatory reforms and global cooperation are reshaping the future of payments i...