HSBC bank review: the largest bank in Europe and one of the leaders in the global financial market

Review of HSBC(Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)

HSBC is a British multinational bank and financial services company operating in more than 60 countries. HSBC was founded in 1865 in Hong Kong as the Hong Kong-Shanghai Bank and renamed HSBC Holdings plc in 1991. Today, HSBC is the largest bank in Europe and the seventh-largest bank in the world by market capitalization.As of now, HSBC had assets of $2.7 trillion and net income of $3.9 billion.

HSBC offers its customers a wide range of financial products and services, including retail, corporate, investment and private banking, as well as insurance, asset management, trade finance and global markets. HSBC serves more than 40 million customers worldwide through its four global business units: Global Banking and Markets, Global Commercial Banking, Global Wealth and Personal Banking and Global Private Banking.

HSBC has a strong position in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which are key sources of growth for the bank. HSBC is also actively developing its digital strategy, investing in innovation and technology to improve the customer experience and improve operational efficiency. In 2020, HSBC launched its first digital bank in Hong Kong called Mox Bank, which gives customers the ability to open accounts, transfer money, pay for purchases and earn cashback using their smartphone.

However, HSBC also faces a number of challenges and risks related to the adverse economic environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tightening regulatory requirements and low interest rates, as well as geopolitical tensions between China and the West. In response to these factors, HSBC announced its restructuring plan in 2020, which includes cutting around 35 thousand jobs, reducing assets by US$100 billion and reallocating capital towards Asia and the Middle East.

Overall, HSBC is one of the leaders in the global financial markets, with a strong reputation, global reach and a diverse portfolio of businesses. HSBC is committed to sustainable development through high standards of corporate responsibility and ethics. HSBC is also adapting to the changing needs of its customers by offering them innovative and digital solutions. HSBC remains an attractive choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile financial partner.


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