Boursobank: what do I need to know?

Boursobank Internet Bank Overview

Boursobank (formerly Boursorama Banque) is a subsidiary of Société Générale that provides online banking services. It offers a full range of banking services including current accounts, savings products and mortgages. For over 10 years, Boursobanca has held the title of "cheapest bank" thanks to its 3 bank accounts + bank cards, 100% of which are free of charge.

Boursorama Banque also offers a wide range of banking products for minors, youth, travelers and executives. There are Boursorama bank cards with no income requirements, as well as no fee bank cards abroad.

Welcome account with Boursorama Banque

The Welcome card is a free Boursorama Banque bank account with a free systematic authorization card for immediate debit. For the bank card to be truly free, the customer must make at least one payment transaction per month. Otherwise, a fee of €5 per month will be charged.

It should also be noted that the Welcome card has a number of restrictions. It is a card with systematic authorization, mandatory immediate debit and limited withdrawal and payment limits.


From June 2019, Boursorama Banque is offering a new product, the Ultim card. More premium than the Welcome card, the Ultim offer includes:

  • A free card combined with the state-of-the-art Boursorama app;
  • No fees for all payments abroad and up to 3 free foreign currency withdrawals;
  • Access to the insurance and assistance coverage of the Visa Premier card;
  • Limits of €2,000 per day and €3,000 per month for withdrawals and payments, as well as an overdraft facility;
  • Access to other Boursorama Banque services.

The Ultim card is available as both an immediate debit with no income requirements and a deferred debit with income requirements.

Ultim Metal

In December 2020, Boursorama is launching a new, more premium offer: the Ultim Metal card. Unlike the Welcome offer, the Ultim Metal offer is available subject to income and includes :

  • An international Visa card for €9 per month;
  • No fees for withdrawals and payments abroad;
  • Free international transfers;
  • Limits of €3,000 per day and €50,000 per month on withdrawals and payments, as well as overdraft facilities;
  • Free access to all Boursorama insurance products: Boursorama Protection, travel insurance, etc.;
  • Access to all Boursorama Banque services: stock market, savings, life insurance, loans, insurance, etc.

With Ultim Metal you can compete with the neo-banks and their free offers abroad.

Freedom: a bank account for minors

In December 2017, Boursorama Banque launched Freedom, a free bank account for minors between 12 and 17 years old. The Freedom offer is designed for the children of Boursorama Banque customers.

Under this free offer, teenagers receive:

  • a Visa bank card with systematic authorization: contactless payment option and free payments abroad;
  • a special application for easy account management.

Many features are available : SMS alerts, sending RIB/IBAN via the app or WhatsApp, urgent cash request to parents via the app.

Boursorama Pro Account

In 2017, Boursorama Banque launched an offer for professionals. Boursorama Pro is a business banking account for sole traders and auto-entrepreneurs at €9 per month.

Below is the list of services offered by Boursorama Pro:

  • Boursorama Visa Classic card: deferred or immediate debit;
  • Authorized overdraft: up to €4,000;
  • Boursorama Protection Pro insurance: protection of payment instruments, keys, business papers and business mobile equipment;
  • Livret Pro savings account: interest at 0.30% gross, with no maximum deposit.

The bank fees offered by Boursorama Pro are among the cheapest in the market for online bank accounts for professionals!

Other Boursorama Banque products

Boursorama Bourse: online stock market

With the Boursorama Bourse offerings, you can place stock market orders for investment. This product has been recognized by the press and was awarded the Prix d'excellence 2018 in the "Découverte Trader" category (Dossiers de L'Epargne 2018 award).

Boursorama identifies 4 investor profiles:

  1. Discovery: for beginners;
  2. Classic: for orders less than 3,500 euros;
  3. Trader: for orders over €3,500;
  4. Ultimate Trader: for active traders.

Credit at Boursorama Banque

Boursorama Banque currently offers two types of loans:

  1. Mortgage loans;
  2. Consumer loans or personal loans.

It is one of the only online banks that offers mortgage loans to its customers, which is a significant advantage if you want to make this your primary bank. You can simulate a mortgage loan online, and you can take out a mortgage loan from the comfort of your own home.


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