Banks in Europe: list, review, rating

Banks in Europe

Having a large amount of cash, any person wants to protect themselves from anyone claiming them. In order to keep them completely safe, someone buys various types of safes with coding, someone makes an investment in a certain type of activity. But the most reliable way is to deposit cash in credit institutions, that is, in banks. The only thing is that you need to choose the organization that offers the most favorable conditions. This article will consider which banks in Europe are considered reliable and suitable for customers.

Conditions offered by banks abroad Many of our compatriots prefer to keep their funds exactly in banks in Europe. It is believed that they allow you to completely secure and preserve cash. Those who study abroad or work there, it is very profitable to place money as a deposit. It also applies to those who are engaged in business or purchase real estate abroad.

Deposit rates (depending on the country and bank) vary between 1-5 percent. In order to make it difficult to terminate a deposit early, banks in Europe set rather strict conditions. Also on interest is very high taxes.

For a long time it was profitable to keep money in the banks of Cyprus. But after some economic problems, confidence in them has greatly decreased. Then many people lost their savings. At the moment, depositors prefer to place deposits in Baltic banks. Also popular are the banks of Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Germany.

In Europe, the following banks can be noted:

  • In Denmark "Amagerbanken", Den Danske Bank, "Unibank", Foroya Sparikassi banking network.

  • In Latvia "Aizkraukles", international Baltic Banking Group, Baltic Transit Bank, Parex bank, Pirma banka, "Universal Baltic Bank" and so on.

  • In Yugoslavia, Atlas Bank. In Germany State Central Bank, Deutsch Bank, Commercial Bank, Bank-24 and others

  • In Switzerland Credit Suisse International Bank, Universal Bank, BEKB net and others.

  • In Italy "Nazionale del Lavoro", "Rome Bank", People's Bank in Bergamo "Credito Varesino" and so on.

When choosing a credit organization, it is important that it is characterized by reliability and stability. European banks are notable just for these qualities. It is no secret that a huge part of all the money in the world is stored in them. For example, billionaires of all countries use the services of Swiss banks, entrusting them with their fortunes in the form of cash, precious metals and jewelry.

The most reliable banks in Europe are considered to be:

  • Rabobank Group (Netherlands) a company that finances mainly the agricultural industry and food processing facilities. It consists of the main company, 139 banks and a huge number of subsidiaries. A wide range of different services is provided to ordinary citizens.

  • Deutsche Bank Aq (Germany, Frankfurt am Main) is a financial company with more than 1,600 billion euros in assets, which has also expanded into Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

  • "Santander" (Spain) has 14 thousand branches and more than 100 million customers. One of the most reliable and efficient banks.

  • Caisse des Depots et Consignations (France) with assets of 265 billion euros.

  • Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (Germany), with assets of more than 520 billion euros.

  • Nederlandse Waterschapsbank (Netherlands) with AAA rating, which means the highest degree of reliability.

  • PostFinance (Switzerland), deposits in which (up to 100 thousand francs) are guaranteed by the insurance fund. A larger amount is guaranteed by the state. The risk that the deposit will be lost is completely excluded.

  • Zurcher Kantonalbank (Switzerland) is the third most reliable bank in Europe.


In this article, the rating of banks in Europe was considered, which is very important for choosing the right bank for investing money. To begin with, you need to calculate all the pros and cons of the chosen credit institution. It should be remembered that the low interest on the deposit, the cost of servicing the bank, various commissions can lead to the fact that the depositor will not win anything. On the contrary, it will remain in the minus.

In general, banks in Europe are characterized by stability and reliability. This is very important. After all, investors want to find more suitable institutions that meet economic requirements.


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