Anadi Bank Austria: Pioneer in digital banking

Anadi Bank: the leader in digital banking in Austria

Anadi Bank Austria is a pioneer in the Austrian banking industry, challenging traditional models with its cutting-edge digital approach. With a focus on simplicity, speed and efficiency, Anadi has revolutionized core banking products and services, setting new standards in terms of time-to-market, flexibility and scalability.

Digital front end process

At the heart of Anadi's success is state-of-the-art digital technology that provides a seamless and unified experience for both online and traditional retail and corporate customers. This innovative approach provides customers access to a full suite of banking services through a single integrated system, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

Hybrid banking model

Anadi Bank utilizes a hybrid banking model, serving both online and offline customers through a multi-channel strategy. From branches in cities to mobile advisors and a dedicated team of customer service agents, Anadi provides personalized service and accessibility to all customers. Simultaneously, the digital value chain offers online customer enrollment, online consumer loans, online banking, a state-of-the-art banking app, and a range of online accounts, payment services and savings options.

Main business segments

Anadi Bank Austria's main business segments include retail banking, corporate banking and public finance. Focused on serving small and medium-sized businesses in Austria and Germany, the bank offers customized solutions for the real estate, trade and manufacturing sectors. In addition, the public finance segment offers advisory and financial services to municipalities, utilities and housing companies, building on its long-standing relationship with the federal state of Carinthia.

Heritage and evolution

Founded in 1896 as a regional mortgage bank, Anadi Bank has evolved over the years, maintaining its core strengths in serving retail customers, small and medium-sized enterprises and the federal state. The name Anadi, which means "eternal" in Hindu, symbolizes the bank's resilience and ability to adapt to changing times, emerging stronger from financial and geopolitical crises. Today, Anadi is synonymous with flexibility and innovation, positioning itself as the bank of the future.

Strategic Priorities

Anadi Bank's strategic priorities include stable and long-term growth, time-to-market leadership, customer-centric banking experience, continuous product innovation and expansion into new markets at home and abroad. Backed by a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure, Anadi intends to create value for its customers and stakeholders while maintaining a competitive advantage in a dynamic banking landscape.

Conclusion: Shaping the future of banking

In conclusion, Anadi Bank Austria is a leader in shaping the future of banking in Austria and beyond. With its pioneering digital approach, customer focus and innovative approach, Anadi is changing the perception of banking services for both individuals and businesses.


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