Europe's top-3 online banks 2024

Top European Banks for Digital Nomads 2024

In an era when every minute counts, the "traditional" banks we're used to can be a hassle: queues, lots of bureaucracy, high fees. But now imagine - what if you could open a bank account in a few clicks right in your phone and comfortably manage your finances anywhere in the world? The so-called neobanks come to the rescue - these are 100% digitalized institutions that completely abandon physical branches, while offering a full set of tools to control your money.

While online banking was not so popular in Europe a few years ago, today these fully digital services are revolutionizing the way we do business. Non-banking is attracting an increasing number of users, including "digital nomads", for whom the full digitalization of finances has become a necessity against the background of frequent changes of residence. Here is our list of the top 3 online banks in Europe for digital nomads in 2024.


Revolut has around 40 million users worldwide and provides banking services to its customers in more than 160 countries. Opening an account with Revolut takes just a few minutes, and you can receive your bank card in the mail after paying a small postage fee.

Transfers within a country are free, and if made between Revolut users or certain online banks, are almost instantaneous. In addition, withdrawals, although limited in maximum amount depending on the plan, are always free from any bank in the world (except for the fees of the bank you withdraw from).

The online bank offers a convenient application with a wide range of tools and features that will satisfy even the most demanding users. The application allows you to store your finances in 30 different currencies, as well as allows you to apply for loans up to 50 000€ and even buy shares of large companies! Transferring money to another Revolut account is as easy as texting.

Revolut offers several types of subscriptions:

  • Revolut Standard (free) - currency withdrawals up to €200 per month free, 2% thereafter, and free currency exchange up to €1,000 per month;
  • Revolut Plus (€2.99/month) - the same as the standard offer, with the addition of access to priority customer service as well as the purchase of insurance up to € 1,000 per year;
  • Revolut Premium (€7.99/month) - withdrawals increased to €400 per month, access to 1 free international payment per month, unlimited free currency exchanges;
  • Revolut Metal (€13,99/month) - withdrawals increased to €800/month, customizable metal card, 3 free international payments per month, Cashback system for card payments;
  • Ultra (€55/month) - Revolut's top-of-the-line plan with unlimited airport lounge access, withdrawals up to €2,000 with no fees, free international transfers, travel and event cancellation insurance, and a platinum card.


N26 is a German online bank that is very popular with digital nomads in Europe. And that's not for nothing, as N26 has an important advantage - you don't need proof of residential address to get a Mastercard. An account with this online bank is also opened in a few clicks, and the intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand the functionality of the application. In it, you can view your balance and all the transactions you've made, automatically sorted by category. But that's not all: one of the most interesting features of N26 is the ability to send money to your friends and family instantly and for free!

Security is N26's top priority, so the company operates under a German license that protects your savings up to 100,000€ in accordance with European law. In addition, the service offers the opportunity to buy more than 200 types of cryptocurrency and 24/7 tech support.

Online banks in Europe

N26 tariff plans:

  • Standard (free) - physical card option for €10 and 3 free withdrawals per month in the euro zone, then €2 fee. 1.7% of the withdrawn amount for foreign currency withdrawals;
  • Smart (€4,90/month) - 5 free withdrawals per month in the euro zone, 1,7% of the amount withdrawn for foreign currency withdrawals;
  • You (€9,90/month) - 5 free withdrawals per month in the Eurozone, free foreign currency withdrawal, health insurance.
  • Metal (€16,90/month) - 8 free withdrawals per month in the Eurozone, then €2/per withdrawal; free foreign currency withdrawals, health insurance and car rental.


Monese is another popular online bank in Europe, headquartered in Britain. The service has nearly 15 million users in its almost 10 years of operation. The service allows you to open an account in pounds (GBP), euros (EUR), and Romanian lei (RON).

Transfers between Monese users are free and international payments, available for more than 30 countries, charge only a small fee. Its banking services will appeal to those who need to control their budget, make savings and make international transactions. It offers attractive rates, fast registration with no income requirements and a convenient mobile app that allows you to track your spending.

The service offers 3 types of subscriptions:

  • Simple (free) - opening an account in GBP, EUR and RON. Suitable for daily use, travel and international transfers with 2% commission. Plastic card delivery will cost 4,95£;
  • Classic (5,95£/month) - lower fees (from 0,5% for international transfers), insurance and purchase protection.
  • Premium (14,95£/month) - free domestic and international transfers, insurance up to 2100£, as well as access to the bank's VIP-services.

Experts estimate that online banking will only grow in popularity in the future. The flexibility and accessibility of these platforms already outpace traditional banks in many ways, making them an ideal choice for digital nomads and people who travel a lot. The lack of bureaucracy, speed and a wide range of tools for controlling money and investments suggest a revolution in banking and a change in the way we approach our finances.


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