European internet banks: A review of the best options for 2024

The leading internet banks for business

In the ever-evolving field of digital finance, businesses are increasingly using online banking solutions to optimise their financial transactions. The convenience, accessibility and innovative features offered by European internet banks for business make them an attractive choice for entrepreneurs seeking efficiency and flexibility.

In the dynamic world of modern banking, co-operation between traditional banks and fintech companies is ushering in a new era of innovation. As both organisations enter into this transformative partnership, customers benefit from an organic blend of trust, tradition and cutting-edge financial solutions.

Revolut: Rethinking global banking

Founded in 2015, Revolut is Europe's largest online bank with more than 25 million customers worldwide. It offers a suite of services including private and corporate accounts with IBAN numbers, debit cards, currency exchange and investment products. With a user-friendly app and a commitment to financial inclusion, Revolut has amassed a significant user base across Europe.

N26: Banking to suit your lifestyle

Headquartered in Berlin, N26 is at the forefront of digital banking. This European online bank provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, allowing customers to quickly open accounts and manage finances effortlessly. N26's offerings, such as real-time budgeting tools and expense notifications, resonate with the tech-savvy.

Payoneer: Accelerating financial transactions

Payoneer, a non-bank financial services provider, makes online money transfers easy. With its global reach and focus on international payments, Payoneer serves over 5 million customers worldwide, positioning itself as the best option for cross-border transactions.

Paysera: Simplifying payments through versatility

Over the past 18 years, Paysera has evolved into a comprehensive online payments platform. Offering IBAN accounts, Visa cards and a host of services for individuals and businesses, Paysera remains the quality choice for online financial transactions.

Paysera: Types of Accounts

Monzo: Empowering financial control

As one of the innovators in mobile banking, Monzo has redefined traditional banking norms. With its user-centric approach and suite of financial management tools, Monzo gives users unprecedented control over their finances, setting a new standard for banking convenience.

ING: Empowering traditional banking services with digital technology

The seamless integration of digital innovation has made ING a leader in digital banking. Operating across Europe, ING offers a user-friendly mobile app with features ranging from contactless payments to customisable savings goals - bridging the gap between traditional banking services and the convenience of digital technology.

Bunq: Banking with social and environmental awareness

Originally from the Netherlands, Bunq focuses on sustainability and personalisation. Its unique features, such as multiple sub-accounts and environmental initiatives, appeal to users seeking ethical banking practices and a personalised banking experience.

The emergence of internet banks in Europe marks a paradigm shift in financial interaction. These innovative institutions prioritise convenience, accessibility and transparency, challenging traditional banks. Whether you are a frequent traveller, budget-conscious or committed to sustainable banking, Europe's leading online banks offer a variety of options to meet your financial needs, shaping the future of finance on the continent.


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