Introducing the 5 best digital banks in Europe (2024)

Next Generation Banking: A review of the top 5 digital banks in Europe

In the dynamic field of finance, digital banks have become pioneers, revolutionizing the way Europeans manage their money. In this in-depth review, we will introduce you to the top 5 European digital banks, highlighting their features, benefits and why they are leading the financial revolution on the continent.

N26 - leading the digital banking revolution

N26, the German digital bank, is leading the vanguard of digital banking in Europe. Since its inception in 2013, N26 has quickly gained recognition for its intuitive mobile app, transparent fee structure and cutting-edge features. With N26, customers can easily open an account in minutes, receive real-time alerts and conduct international transactions without fees.

Revolut - empowering global finance

UK-headquartered Revolut has carved a niche for itself in Europe by providing users with a seamless global banking experience. With multi-currency accounts, interbank exchange rates and free international money transfers, Revolut has become the preferred choice for frequent travelers and international entrepreneurs. In addition, Revolut's innovative Vaults feature allows users to save up change and invest in cryptocurrency.

Monzo - reinventing everyday banking

Monzo, another digital bank from the UK, has won the hearts of Europeans with its simplicity and robust budgeting tools. The introduction of 'pots' allows users to split savings and manage their budget effortlessly. Instant transaction notifications and in-depth spending analysis make Monzo ideal for those seeking greater financial control.

Bunq - banking with an eco-friendly approach

Originally from the Netherlands, Bunq is characterized by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmentalism. With every transaction made through Bunq, the bank plants a tree, contributing to the preservation of the environment. In addition to environmental initiatives, Bunq offers personalized banking services, joint accounts and innovative payment solutions.

Starling Bank - providing a comprehensive digital banking experience

Starling Bank, headquartered in the UK, offers customers a comprehensive digital banking experience tailored to their needs. With advanced mobile app features such as "Spending Information" and "Goals", Starling Bank empowers users to make informed financial decisions. Its "Marketplace" seamlessly integrates third-party financial products, enriching the overall banking experience.

In conclusion

Digital banks have changed the financial world in Europe, offering convenience, transparency and innovative features for tech-savvy consumers. While N26 is leading the way as a cutting-edge digital bank, Revolut enables customers to gain global financial freedom. Monzo and Bunq prioritize simplicity and sustainability, respectively, while Starling Bank offers comprehensive banking.

As digital banks gain momentum, they are paving the way for a future where banking becomes more accessible, efficient and customer-centric. Whether you're a frequent traveler, budget-conscious or environmentally conscious, Europe's best digital banks are ready to meet your unique financial needs.


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