Review of Forex broker UNFXB - a scam?

UNFXB Broker: What you need to know

Forex brokers play an important role in connecting traders and the global market. However, with the emergence of scammers in this field, it is important to be vigilant. One of the suspicious brokers today is UNFXB. In this article, we will look at the details of their operation and provide important information that every investor should know.

UNFXB website: First Impression

When visiting the UNFXB website, it is immediately clear that something is not right. The website is similar to those that have been found to be fraudulent. It is clunky, contains errors, and lacks integration with the necessary services for the stock market.

Shortcomings of the UNFXB website

  • Poor design: The UNFXB website has a template design that is similar to other websites accused of fraud.
  • Textual errors: There are various grammatical and stylistic errors throughout the text on the website.
  • Lack of documentation: UNFXXB does not provide any official documents, which makes their activities non-transparent.
  • No mobile trading: UNFXB does not offer mobile trading, which is a red flag in modern trading.
  • Lack of support: UNFXB's support team is unavailable, making it impossible to resolve any problems or customer queries.
  • Lack of secure connection: UNFXB does not use special encryption to protect customer data, which poses a threat of personal information leakage.

UNFXB's Suspicious Actions

  • Rapid growth: UNFXB has been in existence for no more than a month, but has already caught the attention of international regulators and managed to get blacklisted.
  • False regulators: UNFXB claims to be regulated by organisations that do not actually exist.
  • Falsified data: UNFXB regularly publishes false reports, irrelevant quotes and made-up statistics, which confuses traders.

Problems with financial transactions

  • Questionable current account and e-wallet: UNFXB offers to use dubious methods of financial transactions.
  • Delayed order execution: UNFXB often executes orders with delays, which can lead to financial losses for traders.
  • Withdrawal problems: many reviews indicate that UNFXB does not allow customers to withdraw their funds.

UNFXB reviews

There are many negative reviews about UNFXB indicating their dishonest work. Reviews point to a shoddy website, lack of support, and withdrawal problems.


To summarise, we can say that UNFXB is a scammer. It is important to be vigilant and avoid co-operation with suspicious brokers, especially when they cannot provide the necessary documentation and support.


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