My experience with Rigel Capital Partners Limited broker

Rigel Capital Partners Limited has all the necessary licenses

It's crucial to find a good broker that not only avoids charging extra fees but also makes timely payouts. For me, became such a broker, recommended on a forum. I had concerns due to past experiences. First, I checked the broker's documents. Rigel Capital Partners Limited has all the necessary licenses, permissions, and financial reports, openly accessible. The website is user-friendly with secure connections and categorized for easy navigation. The company offers several tariffs.

Registration and first steps

The process was straightforward and clear. I found the relevant section on the website, filled out the form, and went through verification. At no stage was I asked for additional payments or bank card passwords. Information I provided for registration included my name, email address, and phone number. I also created a unique password and username, then confirmed my email with a few clicks. Verification with Rigel Capital Partners Limited was quick, using a passport copy. I chose a standard t...

First trade

After registering, I explored the trading platform. The quality of's website, its user-friendly interface without unnecessary details or external links, and the abundance of analytical tools, charts, indicators, and order management options all indicate that Rigel Capital Partners Limited is not a scam. I chose currency pairs and major company stocks from the various assets offered. I made decisions based on expert comments and forecasts, grateful for the lack of strategy restrictions. My f...

Education and support

I'm not a novice trader, but I don't need to start from scratch. Many positive reviews about's educational section prompted me to check it out. All materials are freely accessible, including articles, a glossary, video lessons, and webinar recordings, with no dubious courses being sold. The support service is available 24/7. Even before registering, I contacted support to gauge its effectiveness, as it's a reliability indicator. Rigel Capital Partners Limited proved its legitimacy as I received ...

Overall impression

I confidently state that is not a scam. I wholeheartedly recommend this broker since I encountered no difficulties. The spreads are competitive, quotes market-consistent, and commissions low. The company offers leverage, doesn't invent fines, and informs about risks. I'm satisfied with the cooperation, especially after receiving my first payout. My experience has been positive overall. You can also read other reviews about Rigel Capital Partners Limited to verify its reliability.


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